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Welcome Spring! 7 ways to Prepare for Patio Season by OpenTable

It’s almost summer time! Who wants to sit inside? With good weather, sun and beautiful days coming up soon, restaurants and hospitality businesses need to be ready and arrange their patio/ terrace outside in the best way they can to meet customers’ expectations. Want to know more about how to prepare your patio for a busy season? Read the article!

6 Restaurant Discounts to Start Offering This Month by Toast 

If you are a Restaurant Manager or Owner you know that customers love discounts! Who doesn’t, after all? If you are struggling and you wish you had more customers walking through your door, discounts and offers are usually the right solutions. But, not every discount strategy offline/online is right for every restaurant, you need to find the right one for you and your customers. If you want to explore different restaurant discounts and check if they are the right ones for your business, click on the link above and read the article!

Why Your Menu Holds the Key to Marketing Success by Modern Restaurant Management

Never underestimate the power of a good-looking- well-studied menu. Menus are business cards for restaurants, they create expectations and enthusiasm in people’s minds while deciding which great meal are they going to have. They definitely hold the key to your business success. Do you want to know more about this subject? Read this very well written-interesting article!

Calorie counts on restaurant menus reduce how much people eat by 12% by the Independent

Are you thinking about inserting in your menu the number of calories each dish contains? Is this something you should do? If you are thinking about it or would like to know more about the subject, this reading will be the right one for you!


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Let us introduce our new Touch menu board and bill holder

Menu Shop welcomes two new and exiting products to our rand; The Touch menu board and Touch bill presenter.

The Touch range is manufactured with a “rubber like” material that is easily wiped to remove any marks or stains. It´s available in five different matte colours which combined with the right personalisation will give a very elegant but yet discreet finish.

Due to its smooth feel and look along with its matte colours and variety of colours available, the Touch boards and bill holders are incredibly versatile products. They will suit brands with minimalist branding or a more classic design.

Furthermore, our new Touch products  have an incredibly tactile finish with the effect of a very smooth cushion. Touch is the main element of this product because we are aware of the importance of it within Hospitality Marketing, as much as  sight, taste and smell, a very relevant element in the customer whole experience.

This new product launches complete our Touch offering, with which you will be able to offer a complete and consistent experience: Looking at the drinks board list while waiting in the counter, the menu cover once they are sat in the table and at least the bill holder as one of the last contact elements with the client. This strategy will definitely  strengthen a business brand image and stand out from the crowd.

Tariff menu boards for hospitality
The Touch range is available in 5 colours.


Menu board for restaurants
The Touch range is available in 5 colours.
Bill holder, receipt presenter for restaurant
The Touch range is available in 5 colours.


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